Freaking idiots, non?

CG is celebrating its uprising against the established order on the anniversary of Franco’s. Because what we absolutely need is more flags, not less? Although less might mean that your average neighbourhood nazi would be less keen to have his photo taken with you.

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  1. OED:

    c. A smaller number of; fewer. This originates from the Old English construction of lǽs adv. (quasi-n.) with a partitive genitive. Freq. found but generally regarded as incorrect.

    c888 Ælfred tr. Boethius De Consol. Philos. xxxv. §5 [6] Swa mid læs worda swa mid ma, swæðer we hit gereccan magon.
    1481 Caxton tr. Siege & Conqueste Jerusalem (1893) cl. 222 By cause he had so grete plente of men of hys owne countre, he called the fewer and lasse to counseyll of the noble men of the Cyte.
    1580 J. Lyly Euphues (new ed.) To Rdrs. sig. Biv, I thinke there are fewe Vniuersities that haue lesse faults then Oxford, many that haue more.
    1862 M. D. Colt Went to Kansas v. 84, I may see them all doing with still less comforts.
    1873 Nature 1 May 15/2 The determination of position in the given manifoldness is reduced to a determination of quantity and to a determination of position in a manifoldness of less dimensions.
    1874 Rep. Brit. Assoc. Advancem. Sci. 1873 53 To return to the history of logarithmic tables to a less number of figures.
    1904 Amer. Jrnl. Philol. 25 234 There might have been less barbed wire, less flaring flowers.
    1971 Guardian 16 Dec. 16/1 The 47-page prospectus..shows that there are less restrictions..than is generally supposed.
    1972 ‘E. Lathen’ Murder without Icing (1973) ii. 21 You’ve seen less hockey games than my wife.

  2. Isn’t the (increasingly ignored) rule about solids and units, or something like that – you can’t say ‘fewer concrete’, for example, Though doubtless some do. People are units and must be fewer. In theory. But the more people use/accept ‘less’, the less valid the rule. That’s the beauty of English.

    Isn’t the accent necessary (in spanish) to put the stress on the last syllable of Catalán? Otherwise it would fall on the second A. Fortunately for me, the 2 weak final consonants in Spanish (N and S) are those of my names. Easy to remember.

    Off to my siesta now.

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