Biermann, grande

The 9th will not be about some shameful folly in Barcelona, whose principle purpose is to delay the political death of a mediocrity, but about something marvellous that happened 25 years ago. Here’s Mr Biermann causing a stir in the Bundestag this morning (translations shortly in the UK media):

The world suddenly got bigger and excitingger: if you fell asleep on the train from Hoek van Holland, suddenly you might awake in one of those primitive fairytale wagons in Warsaw instead of Westphalia; suddenly there were Czech bands playing the German wedding circuit (prices dropped); suddenly vigilante committees sprung into life to stop Polish car thieves; and there was no internet, and not everyone had a telly, so things appeared suddenly and without credible context, like raindrops divinely dispensed (no health warning), and were only gradually assimilated into reality.

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