Hallucinating gherkins

The psychotropic 80s in Spanish expressions.

The nationalist mob in Mataró, Barcelona is trying to prevent implementation of a judgement ordering a minor adjustment in favour of bilingual education, and the father under pressure says that anyone to whom the story is told hallucinates gherkins:

El padre ha denunciado que la concentración del miércoles “es una presión evidentemente para que la gente se retracte de llevar a cabo” iniciativas para exigir el bilingüismo escolar. “A quien se lo cuentes alucina pepinillos”, ha lamentado.

Does the failure of Wert and the PP to do more in 4 years with an absolute majority than give the occasional nod and wink in the direction of constitutional rights make one hallucinate larger or smaller types of fruit? Away with them!

Magico Gonzalez, an Albacete physio, says, and I have no evidence to the contrary, that the expression is from the 1980s, along with

– Mover el esqueleto.
– Cantidubi dubi, cantidubi dubi da.
– Efestivi Wonder.
– ¿Pero qué Pretenders?
– ¡Ya ves truz!
– El otro, Maroto y el de la moto.
– Vacilar con las nenas.
– Alucina vecina.
– ¡Cómo mola la gramola!
– Guay del Paraguay.
– Nasty de Plasty.
– Tranki, no te pongas nervi.
– Rizando el rizo de la anterior: tranki, no te pongas nervi que hay confi.
– A la cola Pepsicola.
– Rebota, rebota y en tu culo explota.
– A mi plin, yo duermo en Pikolín.
– La cagaste Burt Lancaster.
– No te enrolles Charles Boyer.
– Nones, camarones.
– A medio día, alegría.
– Lo llevas clarinete.
– Ojo al manojo.
– Hacer biruji.
– Dar un voltio.
– ¿Digamelón?
– Chachi piruli Juan Pelotillas.
– Flipar en colores.
– Okey Makey.
– Toma Jeroma Pastillas de Goma.
– Ser un Pinfloi.
– Ir a la discoteque.
– Pasarlo Pirata.
– Nos salen granos de verte.
– Parece menterio.
– La semana que nieve.
– No merece la pierna.
– A la par que jurásico.
– Da Gloria Gaynor.
– Y si eres más de aquí: da Gloria Fuertes.
– Me es individual
– Ni falta que me apetece
– ¿Qué tal tu mujer y mis hijos?
– Aqui andamios
– Hola caracola

Anacristina Rossi, María la noche (1985):

– Qué bárbaro. Eres espectacular. Cuando alucinas lo haces en technicolor, con efectos especiales y todo.

But she’s from Costa Rica, not Albacete, no-man’s-land where peculiarisms seem to spring up as fast as the local mushrooms.

What a splendid language. Let nobody tell the RAE, or they’ll try to ban it.

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  1. They’ve waited until now for this because the PP doesn’t really give a fuck about Catalonia or anyone who lives there (not eve, I suspect, their own handful of voters here).

    If you want to talk about constitutional rights, the tendentious claim that education in Spanish is one pales in comparison to the numerous constitutional and universal rights that have been trampled on by this government (and the PSOE would have done much the same, as would Cs).

    But if the stirring of inter-communal strife gets you going, so be it. Personally, I think it’s in poor taste.

  2. Cycling on pavements is another thing that always comes up at elections. Sometimes, then, a new law is passed, or regulation introduced, to join the others already in place, and the police continue not to enforce.

    If you could just run up a list of those constitutional and universal rights then one day I’ll do a historical summary of the accusations of stirring of inter-communal strife (rocking the Botha, if you like) that were made when those naughty Bantus requested education in English instead of Afrikaans, a language which I love, but which is pretty useless, as well as being associated with ethnic supremacism.

    I wish you wouldn’t mention my poor taste, because it reminds me that I still haven’t found a really satisfactory place to hang my home-made Aladdin and Barbie flying carpet sexmobile.

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