Apples and oysters

Did General Monk’s heir’s nurse really sell them?

Alazonomastix Philalethes, Observations upon anthroposophia theomagica and anima magica abscondita (1655):

Thou art so unitive a soul, Phil, and such a clicker at the slightest shadows of similitude, that thou wouldst not stick to match chalk and cheese together, I perceive, and mussitate a marriage betwixt an Apple and an Oyster.

Honour Mills, the nurse of General Monk’s eldest son, is often said to have been a vendor of apples and oysters. Perhaps literality and the occasional herbs should be forgotten, and she should be investigated as a peddler of paradoxes. Christopher’s mother was the daughter of John Clarges, “Farrier in the Savoy” and allegedly the man who set up the maypole in the Strand at the Restoration, so there’s probably some chalk & cheese fun to be had there.

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