London housing, Catalan secessionism, the Middle East…

Kalebeul solves three crises at one fell swoop.

Operation Hell-Kite:

  1. London housing is now priced, not in terms of wages, but in competition with Picassos in airport strongrooms as a safe and lucrative haven for one’s ill-gotten gains. There is no prospect of either supply or demand being addressed in a serious fashion.
  2. Since 500K is the starting price of accommodation in London and 5 a sensible salary multiple, any one (couple) living there and earning less than 100K may now reasonably be classed as poor.
  3. A major factor in the success of 19th century England was its ability to export its poor to the colonies (the Irish famine and begging plague in Manchester and Liverpool apart), avoiding continental-style revolutions and massacres.
  4. Large numbers of monasteries are available across Spain; going Levantine, European governments are itching to build migrant camps closer to origins, even though the migrants clearly prefer septentrional seasonality.
  5. The London poor will be heavily armed and exported to these monasteries and camps.
  6. While some will be able (and may even prefer) to telework, their main focus will be:
    1. In Eurasia: To work with our new military ally, Iran (see: secret appendices to the nuclear deal; figure why Israel protested so little), to defeat ISIS and all other manifestations of conventional Sunni Islam. They will be allowed to carve out small kingdoms and may even use the word “Crusade” discreetly.
    2. In Spain, or preferably the northen marches thereof: To provoke a French invasion, following which 99% of Catalans will welcome troops from the rest of Spain with open arms (xenophobia is always relative) and the other 1% will emigrate. It was ever thus.

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