A new translation of Joan Maragall’s poem about the anarchist bombing of the Barcelona Opera in 1893, and a limerick by the monkey.

A demon hands a terrorist an Orsini bomb, on Gaudí's Sagrada Familia.

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The wig isn’t mine (I need one like this), and neither is the firewood I am clutching, but I obviously do share most of the opinions expressed. I may get round to posting a rough translation of the Catalan.

Temps de la picor

The itching time came up yesterday, probably referring to Francoism, while I was prancing around in a new wig for purposes that will shortly be revealed. DCVB says “l’any de la picor” refers to distant times, and proverbologist Víctor Pàmies cites Joan Amades’s hypothesis that it comes from the Year of Fleas and Famine, 1471,…

Irene Rigau and visualizar

Send her to prison by all means, but make Aleix Vidal-Quadras, Luís Soravilla and other ignorant pedants visit her in penance.