Langston Hughes in Spain

Idealism vs realism as a Stalinist hack copes with the Italian bombing of Barcelona but struggles to explain why Moorish peasants are slaughtering Spanish workers in the battle for Madrid.

Langston Hughes in 1936.

I met man who almost killed Orwell

Sez No Good Boyo: “If you’d known who he was, would you have killed him?” “Of course. He was fifth-columnist, Trotsky-Maxtonite traitor to worker class. My boys would have tattooed hammer and sickle on his head with bullets. We had many. Soviet economy strong.”

Some more sun goddesses

The other day I did a libertarian Raval tour with a particularly dangerous Californian sociologist, and we got onto Orwell’s apparent incapacity to see the most recent civil war as anything but a class conflict betrayed. This despite ethnic-based stuff like the vicious mini-civil war between Catalan fascists associated with Estat Català and self-described communist…

Madrid & bilingualism

Jordi’s got a post about the excellent (sez me, not he) work being done by the Community of Madrid (the regional authority) to foment bilingualism in Latin America in order to improve the chances of the poor. Any chance of some finance for Spanish-language education in Catalonia, if the Generalitat won’t oblige?

Kit wit

Ian Llorens has found the solution to Spain’s constitutional crisis. Unfortunately he also wants to ban sombreros on the Ramblas. Ian, if Catalonia ain’t Spain then it must be Mexico, so get over it. (Ian links to Andrew Minh, who has discovered an “international fetish model” called Eric Blare. We’ll try to keep George Orwell…

Anti-social behaviour

The incompetent nutters who run Barcelona in the daytime say that the drunks and thieves who run it at night are products of globalisation, leading Jordi Orwell to infer that it’s all Bush’s fault. I’m still blaming Charles III.