From Charles Trenet, two musical De Gaulle anecdotes (en)

Re the songs, L’âme des poètes and Douce France. (2017/06/10)

Cuckoos (en)

A new translation of Joan Maragall’s poem about the anarchist bombing of the Barcelona Opera in 1893, and a limerick by the monkey. (2017/06/05)

The Devil’s Corbyn of Hell (en)

A General Election post, featuring Edgar Allan Poe, a manual for medieval female anchorites, the RSPB, Le Corbusier, Magpie Corvid, a corvine conspiracy, and Tolkien's Nazgûl. (2017/05/30)

I know where your house lives, but sometimes the front door’s a struggle (en)

Featuring Abel and Marguerite Chevalley and their Concise Oxford French Dictionary. (2017/04/10)

Where did Petersburg’s organ-grinders go in winter? (en)

I fear only some of them migrated with the swallows. Featuring Boris Sadovskoy, Yuri Norstein, Aleksey Batalov, Rolan Bykov and Gogol. (2017/02/05)

Donald for Dalai Lama, or Pope, or Caliph, or something (en)

A Trump Taj Mahal Casino multitrack jukebox, to help make religion rather better than it has been, again. (2017/01/20)

Four more African inflationary tunes (en)

Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Congo are now represented, but so far there's nothing from Zimbabwe or in French. (2017/01/11)

A sensational 1810 Parisian fire scene on top of an 1840s Russian barrel organ (en)

But who are the three noseless Austrian ladies? (2017/01/03)

The debasement of the European mind (en)

A populist US senator meets an Italian organ-grinder in Rome in 1859. (2016/12/31)

Doggerel and the death of democracy (en)

Featuring John Taylor, the Water(man) Poet, Cornelius Cardew, Rick Astley, Luther Vandross, Michael Fassbender and someone else as Macbuff and Macdeath, Bugs Bunny & Friends, and finally John Taylor again. (2016/12/04)

A dark and stormy night (en)

A Jerusalem artichoke verse, several Rigbyisms and the Grand Old Duke of Fart. (2016/11/15)