1. (Denver Post) Trevor is Dutch and has just returned to Barcelona from Holland when I spoke with him. He plays a didgeridoo, a long, hollowed-out eucalyptus tree branch. The Aborigines of Australia developed the musical instrument, which makes a beautiful, deep, throbbing sound. His first day back in mid-November has gone well, he says. The winters can be tough, however, and he needs to make a CD that he can sell to supplement his tips.
  2. (Arts Advice) Trevor increasingly became aware that he needed time out to concentrate on his own work and completed an MA in Barcelona run by Winchester School of Art. This was a useful year in terms of keeping in touch with his own ambitions and spending a year abroad.
  3. (University of Chicago) Trevor Goldsmith – Barcelona, Spain; “Castles in Spain: Post-Modern Monumentalism and the Construction of Urban Futures in Barcelona”
  4. (Chan Kam Wing) I have read the book “The Barcelona Game” written by Stephen Rabley on 24 January,2000. In the story, Holly and her two brother, Kev and Trev, go to Barcelona to have a drink. After a few minutes, a man sits at the next table. He also has a bag. When he goes out, he doesn’t take his bag, and takes Holly’s bag. When she finds her bag with a man take it, she runs out of the cafe. She sees a man driving a taxi. In the end, she takes her bag and sees the football match. I like this book, because the story is interesting.
  5. (1o Mostra Internacional de Cine Gay-Lésbico de Barcelona (España) 1995)
    Organizador: Casal Lambda.
    Fechas: 23 al 29 de octubre de 1995.
    Sede: Filmoteca de Cataluña. Barcelona.
    Premio a la Mejor Película: Sister my sister. Sister my sister.
    Premio al Mejor Corto: Trevor. Trevor.
  6. (e-Barcelona) Trevor-Roper, H. R., Los últimos días de Hitler, Barcelona, Plaza Janés, 1965.
  7. (World Bowl XII)The big receiver in Barcelona’s offense is Trevor Insley. He catches everything thrown at him and he is really key to their game plan as the Dragons like to hit him on those little crossing routes over the middle.
  8. (MOOG, Barcelona) Miércoles 14 TREVOR ROCKLIFE DJ + PURPUR DJ (Villarosa) A mitjans dels vuitanta i al sud de Londres, fer de DJ era per a ell un hobby. Però Trevor tenia una habilitat extraordinària per punxar discos i l’afició circumstancial es va transformar en ocupació full time..
    24:00h. ENTRADA: 8 euros
  9. (Transport Diversions) D Trevor Rowe, Narrow Gauge Railways of Spain, Volume 1, Catalunya to the Sierra Nevada (1995)
  10. (Secret Magazine) If seems that some of the best fetish photographers are turning to porn. Pirate, one of the biggest porn video producers have asked Trevor watson to direct some videos for them. After four years of hard labour, they have decided to print a collectors edition of some of the stills made during the shooting of these videos. The result is a cocksucking, assbanging, pussylicking hardcore book. All shot with exquisite models, guys who know what a good fuck is and all dressed up in rubber and tight corsets, of course. fetish has come a long way. I’ve selected some of the more “decent” pictures. Write to: Pirate magazine, Apdo. 319, 08190 Sant Cugaf del Vallès, Barcelona, spain.

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  1. Is this a “which of these is me?” game? And if none of them, were you disappointed..?

  2. None, I’m afraid. You know things are bad when you’re not even the most interesting Trevor in Barcelona. There’s more inter-John competition.

  3. There’s too much inter-John competition in your comments section alone, without trying to google John Barcelona (approx 1.650.000 results – man I get about!)

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