sagrada família finished!

Sez Christina Foerch in Lebanon’s Daily Star:

Gaudi became obsessed with the church and concentrated all his energy on it. In 1926, he was hit by a car and died three days later at the age of 74. However, construction continued on the church and it was finally completed in 1987.

Christina must mean “finished” in the sense used by Catalan building contractors just before they take the money and run, leaving flat owners with years of discord and legal bills. And, although she seems to be unaware of the ostensible function of religious architecture, she clearly approves of this type of project management:

Lebanon is one of the few countries in the world where religious buildings like churches and mosques are constructed at a breath-taking pace, for example the new downtown mosque. Why not have the courage to create something spectacular instead of something that is just big, yet very mediocre, and which certainly does not attract international tourists?

For God’s sake let’s knock the thing down before we get more of this kind of rubbish.

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