Shagging with wolves

Bad news for Basque neo-Nazi thugs hoping to meet in remote places with Catalan wuzzocks: you may get eaten by a wolf. Examination of dead sheep and of mounds of poo – yep, that’s the romance of life as a forestry agent – suggests that there’s a young Italian male specimen loose in the Cadí-Moixeró park at the northern end of Berguedà, possibly the first wolf in Catalonia for 70 years.

Like most of the remaining human population of the comarca, he’s probably wondering desperately how to get laid. It’s slightly easier in Asturias, where there seem to be about 300 hairy gobblers, and anything goes at San Francisco zoo, where for $55 you could last weekend have gone on the 15th Annual Valentine’s Day Sex Tour:

Join us on this world-renowned entertaining and educational 60-minute tour led by a the Zoo’s animal staff and learn about the fascinating mating and courtship behaviors of many animals at the Zoo. Afterwards, enjoy romantic refreshments including champagne, chocolates and a delicious mashed potato bar. The popular tour, which originated at the San Francisco Zoo and was developed by penguin keeper Jane Tollini, offers scientific insight on animal reproduction.

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