Fine babies for sale

A foreign baby-trading story in the papers the other day was greeted with general horror. Here then is a Barcelona court statement dated 1946/12/2 and quoted in Paco Villar’s 1997 Historia y Leyenda del Barrio Chino (1900-1992):

On the 30th of July, 1945, the accused, Carmen G, 21 years of age, gave birth to a girl in the Hospital Clinic [Barcelona] which was entered in the civil register with the names Francisca María del Carmen; on the arrival of which, the accused, Juana C, occupation ambulant tobacconist and a friend of Carmen, as was the other accused, Victoria B, all of them acting together sought an unknown woman to whom they offered to sell the baby in question, obtaining the sum of 475 pesetas which Carmen received, giving to Juana and Victoria 25 pesetas each by way of thanks, not knowing from this moment the whereabout of said girl and without knowing until now if its life had been endangered.

I don’t know what the sentence was, but I hope it was shorter than that one.

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