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The Catalan regional government just opened up a teeny, weeny bit and published a page with gross salaries for members of the executive and senior civil servants. Here’s how the former compare (today’s rates) with their Scottish equivalents:



president/first minister






I reckon that if you factor in the difference in the cost of living, the Catalans are marginally better off, but all that’s before the inevitable muddles and the occasional fiddle.


The impeccably informed Franco Alemán has found a story about our new conseller en c[r]ap (that’s a bit like a Scottish deputy first minister), who is in Bahrain for the Grand Prix, presumably promoting sustainability, multiculturalism and other core values of Barcelona’s goodbye to representative democratic culture, Forum 2004. As you know, Bargalló’s predecessor in the post and party colleague, Carod, was sacked for talking to ETA. And, going back a couple months more, you probably also recall that these were the people who spent all their time moaning about corruption and double-dealing, and explaining how different it would be once they achieved power. I’m sometimes glad I’m an Ozark cavefish.

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