Catalans “Spain’s new Jews”

This bizarre interview with Esquerra Republicana bootboy, Joan Puigcercós, demonstrates the absurd and often obscene self-delusion which feeds Catalanist fascist victim culture. I challenge anyone to produce evidence of any threat to the population of Catalonia that is or was in the remotest sense reminiscient of the dreadful fate of Spanish and in particular Catalan Jewry.

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  1. Funny…

    The irony of all this is that you have the nerve to say: “catalanist fascist victim culture” but you wouldnt dare to say that about Israel. That’s antisemitic, right?. Go fuck yourself.

  2. JOan’s right, it’s worse in other places. Once in Morocco a woman promised me she’d give me a big bump in my trousers and I woke up 4 hours later with a big bump on my head.

  3. The signs of ethnocide are all around us: quillos in their hot hatchbacks chatting up the flower of Catalan womanhood; bloodstock diluted and cognoms Hispanicised in charnego wedlock; the language spurned in parliaments from Strasbourg to Madrid; renegades in Catalunya Nord speaking French, and Spanish in Valencia. So it is our solemn duty to
    a) Subscribe to Avui
    b) Support your local PPC candidate
    c) Agree with Salvador Sostres
    d) Sponsor a donkey stud farm

  4. John B, you seem to have “issues” with Catalanism that you need to confront. You feel rejected by a superior culture, but venting your anger in this way isn’t going to help. Why not settle down to some of the best cuisine in the world ( (c) Catalonia Today), stick on a record by the hugely underrated Catalan-rockers Els Pets and invite the neighbours round for an impromptu human-castle building session (a perfectly normal activity)?
    Remember, admitting the problem is the first step to recovery.
    PS – Shagging Xarnegos isn’t a problem, as, like the Jews, Catalans’ racial purity is carried through the mother’s lineage.

  5. Sure Trevor,

    Since the jews were being widely persecuted, that legitimates them to do whatever they want. Kill as many palestinians as they like, treat them like dogs. Settle more colonies, break more UN resolutions or whatever. That’s Sharon’s message which you support so much… and that’s what is called “fascist victim culture”.

    Just prove in what way catalans are fascist. Tell me how fascism is insitutionalised in Catalonia. Your messages do stink of fascism and catalanophobia. So what’s your story? What traumatic experience have you suffered here? I bet it’s something as stupid as your “horrible” day at the Jijonenca. Assholes always make a big deal out of nothing. Get over it.

  6. You’re trying to change the subject because you know there is no justification for saying that the Catalans are Spain’s new Jews, although it goes down very well with certain local audiences. (The Barcelona councillor who attended the opening of the reinvented synagogue a couple of years back also said something along the lines of: “Being Catalans, we understand the suffering the Jews have been through.” That was particularly ironic since it was Catalans who slaughtered the community in 1391.)

  7. How can we enjoy Catalonia Today’s Catalan cooking if it’s not published on the web? (And isn’t the writer a foreigner living in London?)

  8. You’re the one who changes the subject because you dont want to accept how you’re falling into obvious contradictions.

    Obviously Catalans arent the new jews, but interestingly enough jew is one of the “insults” for Catalans among many others, polaco being the most common. They call us unsolidary when we’re being exploited. I dont have to remind you the history of Catalonia under Felipe V and Franco. But even today they will never recognise Catalonia as a different nation or culture. That’s why they invented La España de las autonomias which is pretty absurd. What history has la comunidad de Madrid?. And it seems like the solution for Catalans new demands for more autonomy, it will be more “cafe para todos”. Of course you don’t want see the anticatalanism and the efforts to undermine the Catalan cultural identity, and even the economy because for some reason you have the same fascist irrational hatred for Catalans. Someday you have to explain why.

  9. Joan,
    They call you unsolidary when you don’t want to share, not when you’re being exploited (which you aren’t). What do you want, cafe para todos or mas cafe para cataluna y menos cafe para los demas?
    I’d be interested to know on what basis Catalonia should be entitled to more privileges than other parts of the country to which it has pertained for over 500 years (that’s Spain). Should a region really be granted special privileges because it speaks a different language and dances sardanes? If so, why?
    The Catalan economy has not been undermined by Spain, but by Jordi Pujol’s government. 23 years of not investing in infrastructure and not encouraging R+D have obviously paid their price, so why blame the Spanish (apart from a desire to portray yourselves as victims)? Other regions have a deficit fiscal (Madrid, for example, has the greatest deficit fiscal in Spain), but they manage to grow at a much faster rate than Catalonia – why is this?
    I eagerly await a response which accuses me of being anticatalan.

  10. One of the salient differences might be said to be the fact that lots of people all over Europe, all through history have tried to get rid of the Jews for once and for all, whereas nothing like that has ever happened to the Catalans. But that might be too subtle for you.

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