Catalonia Spanglish

John Pawlenko is tracking the Catalonia Toady saga. CT is a new free English-language daily which unfortunately seems to be being written by people who can’t speak English. Anecdotal evidence is that, despite excellent kiosk placement, it’s not being picked up in large numbers, and one’s got to wonder how long it will last in its present form.

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  1. Most reasonable people, most of the time, will accept the odd mistake in something like CT. But it becomes a bit of a joke after a while when the odd becomes the ‘norm’. They just don’t seem to have, well, in fact, they haven’t, done anything since day one to lessen the number of mistooks being made.

    And this from a paper that also aims itself at “… Catalan people who wish to keep up with their English, whether for professional, personal or academic reasons.” CT also says that these “… people are keen to keep up their knowledge of English through regular contact and Catalonia Today is a perfect means to do so.”

    There’s a delightful irony about it all.

    You’re dead-on about the paper not being picked up. The newspaper piles seem to be just as high during the evening as when I first pick up my copy in the morning – and that’s whether I pick it up locally or pop into the centre during the evening.

    “… one’s got to wonder how long it will last in its present form.” | It takes about 3 minutes to read, and then I bin it. They should just dump the print edition and stick it on the ‘net with a searchable archive.

  2. Where can I pick the paper?. I go to plaça Catalunya everyday and although I’ve seen people with it, I’ve never seen where they’re getting it from.

  3. There’s a fancy presentation box in the front of some kiosks – eg the one on the corner next to el Corte Inglés (map). Tell us what you think…

  4. OK, I picked one for me and 2 for my collegues at work. They seem to like it. I like it as well, but I usually pick and read everything they give me for free: Metro, 20 minutos, etc…

    My English is not very good. So I can’t say if it’s perfect English or not. By their names it seems like the editorial staff are English native speakers.

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