Attempt to kill Franco

There’s a brief reference this morning in the Guardian to how, back in 1964, Stuart Christie tried to blow up Franco. Christie, after three years in prison here, went on to become mates with the terrorists who attempted to do the same to the Heath government, the BBC and various other symbols of fascist oppression in the UK and is now spinning a pretty penny as darling of the Trotskyite establishment.

What I find interesting is that I’ve never come across any Spanish accounts of Mr Christie’s time in Spain (eg nothing here). Was he not newsworthy because there were so many like him or because of his and his friends’ incompetence?

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  1. There’s a book by Eliseo Bayo called Los atentados contra Franco. I haven’t read it but I don’t know if Christie and his people were really trying to get Franco The CNT terrorists who were wrongly or rightly executed in 1963 said they were going to get Franco but they exploded the offices of the security services and the unions.

  2. It was more than a brief mention in print actually – it was the front page of the G2 section: “How I tried to kill Franco” with a copy of his prison pic.

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