Dutch in Korea

I’d like to see Guus Hiddink take over England asap, but then I was supporting Mark Oaten (go on, get me one for my birthday!) to run the Lib Dems until he started chasing the England job, leaving Boris Johnson as the LDs’ only potentially electable leader.

(Apparently the Koreans gave Guus a villa on the island Jeju / Quelpart / Quelpaert / Saishu. This is the same island where Hendrick / Hendrik Hamel, seen by some as the Dutch Marco Polo, was washed up in 1653. Here’s his (Dutch) journal, and here’s an excellent English and Korean site by Henny Savenije, which includes a translation of the journal. Henny documents here and here the strange and deceitful relationship between Portuguese and Dutch sailors and merchants that led Hamel to Jeju.)

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