The vehicle in the MOTs: what’s the author’s mother-tongue? Plus, wanted: Piaggio Ape 50 van

An ad for a Piaggio Ape coffee van conversion:

Hello. I sell piaggio ape 50 cc 2001, in good condition equipped for the sale of hot drinks (coffee, cappuccino, latte.ecc). The vehicle in the MOTs and Tax paid up to May 2015. It is equipped with a coffee machine Professional two groups fracino, professional fracino grinder, a small fridge 12/24/220 volt pump of the water, small sink for hands, first aid kit and fire protection. The price is compressed everything that I need to start what `s activity table, blackboard, gazebo,various staff.

Clue below, and now the meat: I’m looking for a good second-hand Piaggio Ape 50 van in London / southern England or Barcelona / northeastern Spain.

About 60 are sold new annually in the UK, many of which appear to become coffee vans with an espresso-grade markup. My understanding is that many of those return to market quite rapidly and struggle to sell. In such cases I wonder whether the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole, and whether stripping acid from asset might make sense, but maybe their embrace is not soluble.

The new Piaggio Ape 50 market is curious. You can put one on the road in Spain for about 4200GBP, while the equivalent British price appears to be around 5600GBP. Explanations: sales are higher in Spain due to better weather, the scooter tradition, ecc.; national legislation in the UK and other countries prohibiting residents from driving foreign-taxed and -registered vehicles, thus protecting autochthonous car showrooms (and fuck the Treaty of Rome); a lack of interest at Piaggio Inc in the appreciation of sterling vs the euro; any more, bearing in mind that it’s not exactly a LH- vs RH- drive issue?

But, as with fruit and veg, the cheapest prices I’ve seen are in Germany.

Meanwhile, if anyone with some boot space is driving from Spain to England before September 6, I’d be interested in renting said space.

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