“Croydon, the new Barcelona”

This (thankyou, MM) is actually just about hair. Residents are to be ordered to drop the Croydon facelift and adopt the Barcelona mullet.

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  1. The barna mullet is very much reduced from its 2005 peak. The male version is still current amongst anarchists and (aptly) Maulets in the centre, but rarely seen on anybody else. Unfortunately it is still very much alive amongst late teens and early 20’s lefty* types from the dormitary towns.

    The female version oscillates in and out of fashion on a bi-monthly basis.

    I feel that hair and politics are too little investigated. The coiffureal excesses of the abertzales leave me breathless, fascists just can’t seem to help making themselves look ridiculous.

    *I include those who self-define as “d’esquerres”. This obviously includes many people who would be defined in any other country as fascists.

  2. What’s the best way to cook a mullet? I’d be tempted to hang bearded men as well. I once woke up next to what was undubitably a woman who had acquired a stubbly sheen during the night, but no bitterness there, although still some degree of surprise

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