Barcelona council, digging residents into a hole

Check out this piece by Nicholas Mead on the thorough screwing the impoverished Carmel district of Barcelona is receiving from the socialist council in alliance with developers. It’s ironic that many of the same socialists jumped up and down with glee when local lad Juan Marsé won some writing prize or other. One can safely assume that they don’t read very much: his work is virtually all situated in the same zone of Barcelona as the Carmelo, and his theme is the abandonment of people by their government.

(As far as I can recall, myself and VV agreed in a bar at 4am roughly a week before the announcement that Marsé was going to win. Unfortunately literary betting doesn’t yet seem to have become established in Spain. Subsidies for Barcelona writers don’t count as wagers: the outcome is too gloomily predictable.)

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  1. Thanks for linking to the article. I was surprised to find that as resident Fay Shelton said, it’s actually been a CiU politician that’s done more for their cause than the PSC. However, it’s overwhelmingly clear that it has been the concerted efforts of citizens organising and coming together that has blocked development and raised awareness of this issue rather than the efforts of any politicians.

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