Bus numbers in Barcelona atheist campaign evidence cabbalistic life-death struggle

Artful Mr Kokon notes that the number of items in Goya’s Black Paintings is the same as the number of one of the buses used in the campaign–14–, that the number of items in a series of morbid wood engravings by Hans Holbein the Younger is the same as the number of the other–41–, and arrives at the obvious conclusion that there is a conspiracy at foot. He draws strength from 14 generations that separate Abraham from David, David from the deportation to Babylon, and the failure of multiculturalism from Christ, but fails to notice that {14 * 3 = 41 + (the one that I’ve got hidden out in the yard where even bloody Dan Brown won’t find it)}.

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  1. That’s better. Amazing what happens when you can by-pass the Mumbai call centre.

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