Factual or fucktual?

Humiliating linguistic error in PR for Arcadi Espada’s new online newspaper

The brand identity page of the teaser site for Factual includes a list of f-words defining a new scientific journalism. You see, by separating the opinionated goats from the factual sheep we can magically return News to the People, or something of the kind, and all for only 50 euros, Sir. Unfortunately Arcadi or his blurb writer chose to add gravitas by straying abroad, so that, coming in at no 5, we get

Faction … Del inglés fact (hecho). No ficción, en oposición a la fiction (ficción).

Well, no. “Faction” actually refers to the fictionalising of facts–generally discredited in the Anglocabrón news media, and diametrically opposite to Arcadi’s purported intent. A serious journalist would have looked it up in a dictionary or slipped 100€ to someone like me or Peter Harvey in order to cover his brand’s ass and his investment. So it looks like plus ça change etc etc.

(I didn’t look that up because, as you probably know, the future isn’t in serious or in professional journalism.)

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  1. You’re not the guy’s biggest fan, but even you would have helped him not shoot himself in the testicles on this one.

  2. You under-estimate Mr. Espada. He is a Spanish nationalist writing for a Spanish nationalist public, for which purpose a demonstrable ignorance of any other language is a prerequisite.

  3. el primo confirms that Catalonia is a country for young men, especially those of the insane kind. JM only confirms the young men part; with typically bold adolescent ignorance he forgets that all nationalisms are alike.

    I really wonder how comes that, apart from the Lord of this blog, it is mainly a nun (ok: A Nun) who shows the kind of common sense even the purported Einstein would not have been able to disparage.

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