Lorna’s Shorts

Lorna’s Shorts is a feed consisting of English summaries of Barcelona news which you can use for free on your website. The standard version looks like this:


You can use Lorna’s Shorts if you understand and accept the following terms and conditions and any that may subsequently be imposed, news of which will be made available on this page:

  1. No guarantees are given as to the feed’s availability or up-to-dateness.
  2. No guarantees are given as to the feed’s accuracy or suitability for your audience. The feed currently contains five news headlines and a credit, but this may change.
  3. While you are free to change the style information at the beginning of the code provided below, you may not (attempt to) modify the content of the feed in any fashion (this includes attempts to obscure the credit) nor may you republish it in another form.
  4. The publisher of the feed is not liable for any losses or damage you or your audience may suffer as a result of using the feed. Limited support may be available via the comments section on this page, but no commitment is made.

If you accept this setup, then all you need to do is paste the following code into your page. Change the style if you know what you’re doing, but please leave the rest alone:


If you’re using the feed, tell me and I’ll include your site in a list of current users.


You can send stories to Lorna using the standard form.


Lorna, who is providing this feed in return for being allowed to buy me beer, values her privacy but has consented to my informing you that she is a vegetarian who likes nothing better than hanging around in the back garden with her boyfriend. In fact, here’s an archive photo, which I hope she won’t mind me sharing:

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  1. Good stuff.

    I was wondering what to put all the hyperactivity on the news front down to. I figured it might be coffee-overdose or the fact that summer seems to have finally arrived.

    I’ll make sure to look up Lorna’s Shorts on a regular basis.


  2. No free lunch etc etc – people would rejig RSS to cut out my credit. Also copy-pasting Javascript is easier for people who aren’t used to reformatting XML

  3. The appliance of purchase
    Here’s an oddity, via Lorna’s Shorts: New shop opens for Ecuadorian immigrants to send electric appliances to people back home. According to El Periodico here (Spanish only, pic), the shop doesn’t sell for you to take things home. Instead, the Ecuadori…

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