Time to behead Fèlix Millet?

On this day in 1466, one Juan Sort, aged 70, was beheaded for the misappropriation of public funds. Millet is said by the auditors to have stolen around 30 million and has fessed to around 10%, but has not been anywhere near a prison, and indeed seems to think that by looking old and grey he can get away it, despite being in modern terms a youthful 74. Off with his head, today!

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  1. I’ve got an impression that the tradition of rolling heads is still alive in some parts of the world. To revive it in the land of lunis would take some time but it is fertile ground for open wounds. I reckon there would appear a popular demand for it as corrida is being phased out (Is it really? I haven’t checked on it recently). It would reduce corruption, bring entertainment to the masses and give hefty profits (ticket sales) to the state budget.

  2. That’s brilliant! So if you win el Gordo you get the option to trade the cash for the chance to execute major criminals in la Monumental in Barcelona.

  3. Call me corrupt, rotten, greedy human being but I’d keep the cash. I may be a bloodsucker but not bloodthirsty.

  4. OK, let’s sweeten that offer: you get 15% of the future prison costs of the criminal and you can wear a Mickey Mouse mask.

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