A booth was very pleased by its plasticity and practicality

There is a vague reek of sulphur in the English version of Hoteles Servigroup’s website (fingers say “webstie”: begone swine, and Satan), but the angel with the bottomless pit really lets fly in a puff-piece at a site invented for that purpose, which, because that is what the author, Ms Sauron, would surely want, we reproduce in its entirety:

Teleprensa interesting article published by the January 26, 2011 related to the campaign they have done to promote tourism and hotels in Mojacar: “More than 5,000 pamphlets published for the occasion, were distributed at the Fair, from the counters Almeria and Mojacar in the Municipality of Stand the Provincial Tourism in Almeria. A booth was very pleased by its plasticity and practicality.
Also, as usual, this show is the one chosen by the Association of Moros y Cristianos de Mojácar to launch the poster of the famous celebration has achieved more popularity and international renown. Thousands of posters advertising the event to be held in June, on 11, 12 and 13 were distributed at the fair, by the sign of Mojácar, which won a very successful year.
The Councillor for Tourism, Angel Medina attended numerous individuals and businesses interested in the destination, being assisted at all times by personnel from the Municipal Bureau of Tourism who has attended the show until its end on Sunday.
Among the meetings held by Medina, include contacts made with other administrations, local business, professional media and retailers (both national and central Europe) all aimed to outline some market segments in which you are working how are the family and cultural tourism.
This last point should be stressed the intention to conduct a Festival of Animated Film for this year 2011. “
It’s very interesting to know the advertising activities to publicize the hotels Mojacar Spain, and have greater visibility than its competition as the apartments Costa Blanca and other tourist destinations such as Benidorm, hotels Villajoyosa…
Fitur is a place to have a presence if they want to get more customers and tourists on the coasts of Almeria.

(Via the excellent Entertainer Online.)

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  1. This world is tough. The media -or any other enterprise- hire a hapless girl, just out of the shell (read university, if any), for peanuts and then come the Trebots of the Web and add insult to injury.

    Ms Saura is obviously an unexperienced, half educated newby by all probability taken advantage of by anybody who accepts her writings. And she will, as all the many others, spend years in this position (bent, in any sense of the word) until she finally either gets her act together and matures (which, in many cases again, means she'll ask for more and end up getting zilch) or give up, forget about her high-flying dreams and get a real life.

    We see the Ms Sauras every day on TV, read them in the papers, that's why this encarnation is so familiar to me.

    For a proof, let's have a look at an article she wrote in her native Spanish:


    While her English is rightfully ridiculed, it should be observed that her Spanish (given her condition of native speaker) is not any better, nor are her journalistic skills.

    Ms Saura has my sympathy. Or not. I'm not sure if I should care. What I do most certainly know is that as a member of the public who wants to be informed it is me -and us all- who are being seriously mocked and thus abused of.

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