Mayoress´ Gretting

What does the English translation of the official presentation website for Vinoble 2010 tell us? That the Mayoress of Jerez cares more about how her hair looks than about how her words are interpreted? That her administration is as thick as pigshit and happy to wallow in it? Well, not necessarily.

Our etymology department has been on the case and points out that, rather than simply being a miserable failure to spell a derivative of “greet”, “grett” is the medieval form of “great”. So the text could be construed as Pilar Sánchez Muñoz’s PR department’s cunning way of bigging up the Seventh International Exhibition of Noble Wines (VII Salón Internacional de los Vinos Nobles) for a contemporary international audience. Indeed.

The rest of the text is still undergoing hermeneutic recuperative therapy:

Mayoress´ Gretting

Vinoble 2010 arrives to a new edition in order to maintain the historic quality of this event that it is a must among the specialized wine fairs at national and international levels.

This year Vinoble will go one step further with changes that seek to increase the level of excellence and at the same time optimize the best use of it resources.

This new phase includes management approaches and innovative organization whose leadership is assumed by a technical team of great prestige which ensures the continuity of the great journey that this Event has taken since its first edition.

From the Municipal Government, we have been careful to design changes for the Fair in order to win in all its different aspects. One of them is the commercial, because it is intended that Vinoble becomes a place for business. It is also a goal to achieve that exhibitor take advantage of their presence in the fair, not only making their products known but also having the potential to open new trade routes.

The important culinary aspect of the Event is another feature with new expectations.

With the aim to achieve a greater impact, in this edition we will count with the presence of prestigious chefs whom will have the marriage of wine and cuisine as the central argument.

Definitely, we are faced to one Vinoble that without losing their traditional levels wants to get the best and greater business levels and a better involvement of the host city.

In this sense, we will develop efforts to open it to Jerez, making parallel activities to share with citizens and visitors the great wine festival which is the celebration of this event.

Finally everything is ready for Vinoble 2010 to be both: new and traditional, with the magnificent of the Alcázar de Jerez site as the epicenter of an Event that continues making progress in the quality of its contents and becoming more profitable for all the participants.

Pilar Sánchez Muñoz
Mayoress of Jerez

Seriously folks, if you’re paying lots of famous people to liven up your fair and you want to toot da horn, get a real translator. They’re much better value for money than celebrity chefs, and there must be one in or near Jerez. If you want we’ll find you one.

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