Corpus del patrimoni culinari català

What, no pepper?


S’han inclòs … aquelles que compleixen tres requisits: tenen 50 anys de permanència com a mínim, s’elaboren a tres o més indrets de Catalunya i no empren productes forans. És a dir, un plat elaborat amb alvocat o el gaspatxo encara no hi estan inclosos, però sí que ho està l’ensalada russa de la qual se’n té constància des de fa més de 50 anys.

Strikes me as brave to produce a recipe book without pepper, tomato, potato or other non-native products, but if that’s the differentiator required to achieve UNESCO World Heritage status for a collection which resembles to a remarkable degree similar ones of “Basque” and “Valencian” cuisine, then whatever. (Incidentally, since Unesco is generally thought to be up there with Fifa in the moral integrity league, I was wondering how much you have to pay officials per site/item for recognition.)

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  1. I’m trying to figure out how much time, doubt, moral anguish and debate were spent deciding on that 50 year cut-off. Did any abominations slip through the mesh?

    Even more concerning for the Ministry of Cultural Purity should be… when did they find the spare moments to write the proposal within the statutory 18 hours a day of staring at their own assholes?

  2. Pizzas, hamburgers and frankfurts were being widely produced in Barcelona well before 1962.

  3. As was gazpacho. Avocados and tomatoes are in one sense non-native but both grow pretty well here. These people’s ignorance is unbelievable, but they’re running the show and living off everyone else.

  4. I’m still chewing on the “immaterial” part of this aspiring World Heritage. Doesn’t sound very humane if you starve people.

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