For a change, some German eurosceptic ranters

Hypothesis: Spanish is easier than German, economics 101 appears easier than politics, and so the political problem of Germany’s role in Europe has, curiously, become a story about some blocks of flats in Valencia. And, since most of the English-language press can’t read Spanish either, they end up looking for solutions in the mantras of some cuddly American economist.

For example: The Frankfurter Allgemeine approximates pretty well to mainstream German centre-right opinion and publishes articles like this every few days laying out the essential choice – full political (which, should any be in doubt, means military) union or the end of the euro and hence the EU project – but elsewhere no one, except the Tory eurosceptics, seems to get it. And what even many of the latter don’t get is the extent of German domestic opposition to the Wholly Belgian Empire.

MSM comment streams may on the whole be for the mentally unstable, and I think there’s still a gulf between voter opinion and ballot box choices, but here via GT is a taster of comments from the article above:

MICHAEL TRAPP (KUNSTST. ..) – 10/06/2012 20:48 clockThe euro, the EU is threatening to blow upHelmut Kohl’s fears, without the unifying bond of euro in Europe could set off the old conflicts again, has been overtaken by reality. The opposite has occurred, the euro has led to euro countries apart, the differences in competitiveness and economic strength have increased.A European Union is sheer fiscal illusion or someone really believes in the readiness of French sovereignty to German ideas imprinted in the financial and economic policy? And if not, we will operate in all seriousness, southern Germany flexible monetary policy to address the growing gap between North and South?In order to save Europe, we must stop this large-scale experiment, the faster the better, before he pulls us all together into the financial abyss!


26 BERNHARD HAAGMAN (B.HAAGMAN) – 06/10/2012 19:07 clockState euro?Sorry for my broken German.A Fiat-respect can exist only worn by a State.euro euro The need therefore a state, with all power belong to the middle.But there are, mAn, no Euro-folk, not a positive euro-common destiny, noEuro-sovereign to make it more legitimate to euro State. Not even on the horizon.So, a (proto-) euro-state can only be a pseudo-legitimized Burocratur.The euro was a political project, coined by time-bound, common interests, dreams and anxieties in national elites. That changed quickly now.That’s what this project will fail even to national level.Hopefully in time via the national elections.Otherwise, this construct weitergefuhrt via emergency legislation. Monetaire chaos, political nihilism and violence will unfold then more and more.It would be commended if some euro Filen remove it from the German policies have time and have the courage to discuss this with us.


8 ROBERT Aschauer (PAGSURE) – 10/06/2012 18:39 clockMore power to Brussels – or away with the euroAway from the euro is not, then more power to Brussels, based on the following consideration: Since the euro has failed economically, politically, he will receive, otherwise there will be war. To achieve victory, must logically be called up all what you have. Costs play no role. Therefore, one can not analyze too sober. E.G. assess what is better: exit costs vs. Debt Union for the next 20/30 years.The Germans know how to lose wars. The other European nations will learn it the hard way.Recommended answers (8) Flag as Inappropriate FollowROLAND 46 champion (RKAEMPE) – 10/06/2012 18:12 clockBreak the euro? – I would like Europe.He has hurt Germany and Europe only.The EU, too, this repository for discarded politicians, can be abolished without hesitation.Centralism is the devil.


61 LÃœDER OSMERS (LUEDER_. ..) – 10/06/2012 18:08 clock”The Germans are supposed to give sovereignty,” said Merkel.If she is candidate seriously, whether on Carl Theodor Körner (1813 fallen freedom struggle against the Napoleonic occupation) referred to:”Once you sit up there, you cowardly figurespaid by the enemy and the people to ridicule.But once again uphold justice,then shall the people, then God help you. “But once again deliver justice: namely, when the nation is perceived to be even by the Basic Law Article 20, paragraph 4 fixed written law:”Against anyone who undertakes to abolish this constitutional order, all Germans have the right to resist, if no other remedy is possible.”


42 ERWIN STEEL MOUNTAIN (NUNDENN) – 06/10/2012 17:54 clockA contribution from the EU-humorist-cornerWAZ — Financial v. 6.8.12:EU Parliament President Schulz criticizes Merkel’s EU reform proposalsprior warning – as a proxy debate”Set aside the insistence of the Parliaments” and”End of Democracy”————————————————– ——————————“Democracy,” Mr. Schulz has to do with the EU so littlelike a cow with the harp-playing.


15 MATTHEW BLACK (GOODGOV) – 06/10/2012 17:43 clockAnd all because no one …… intention to deliver in the highly indebted countries of their own money and property something to pay off the national debt. That is the moral bankruptcy of the entire EU. The Spanish are no poor people. A lot of Spaniards are filthy rich and have set for life. And much of what the Spanish State is in debt, but now the private accounts of the Spaniards and their property portfolio (expensive penthouses, yachts, villas, sports, etc.).We need a change of mentality. The sovereign debt crisis could be ended quickly, stop if the states would have to pay more other states for its own debts. Its own citizens might very well pay off much of their debt immediately. We need a temporary wealth tax. This will then indeed every Spaniard a little poorer in terms of his ability, but it does raise its debt anyway. So why should people pay other countries for Spanish debt?

(15) Violation ReportAnswer (1) View this reader reviewLatest reply: 06/10/2012 19:01 clock Follow4 GOETZ KAUFMANN (GOETZ.K …) – 06/10/2012 17:38 clockThere are quite convincing about reasons for USEFirst Peace: You may consider a simple formula: For peace, it needs the consent of all parties – for war, but one is enough already.Whoever accepts, peace would be something Selbstverstaendliches what not continuously active contribution would have to be done shows little sense of reality. Europaeischer over the centuries, resentment and nationalism directed against countries have not yet been eradicated suddenly – but found with the EEC / EC / EU is a platform on which they could at least be domesticated.Second Economic importance: On the basis of a united Europe can be the efficiency of intra-european economic process by breaking down barriers through the country increased significantly different individual decisions – infrastructure, fiscal policies, subsidy policies as examples.Certainly, without the opening of Asia, especially China, would be the reaction pressure is not so great. But China is open and hungry for the world market.Recommended answers (4) Flag as InappropriateReplies (2) View this reader reviewLatest reply: 06/10/2012 19:08 clock Follow6-HEINZ SCHMIDT GUNTER (ENTROPI. ..) – 10/06/2012 17:17 clockSpanish pridewill cost billions

(6) Flag as Inappropriate Follow13 KLAUS MICHAEL STRAUSS (KMSTFAZ) – 06/10/2012 17:08 clockMaastricht seriously or eurocratic dictatorshipThanks for this excellent post. To complete the missing insights from Sarrazin reflection on virtues of a central bank, respect for national mentality, understanding of deep-rooted economic patronage and corruption.Two areas exist:1) The currency of euros, at the crossroads of “euro Bundesbank” or chaos with inflation and restriction.Who compliance with the agreements Maastricher not even mastered how is the face of mass unemployment and productivity deficit in the face of gross errors in favor of regulatory commissions and bonuses in the financial sector cause interventionist miracles?2) The real economy, misled by cheap money and regulatory policy naivete. Party for all the politically privileged financial wizards.Instead of building wealth for all through employment, participation in human capital through education and travel cancellation of the young generation.Euro-social fascism directed by Brussels is utter nonsense.


22 GERD Hodina (HODGER) – 06/10/2012 17:02 clockSmoke and mirrors ….NEVER … it was as precious as it is today: The saying of the Euro-pessimist Oswald Spengler in his book “The Decline of the West” – the word …. EUROPE should be deleted from history … “Europe” is empty sound. “At least the centralized Brussels bureaucrats monster. If EUROPE, EUROPE then one of the nations. And: The euro is going.


32 WERNER HERZOG (FREICA) – 06/10/2012 16:58 clock”Brussels bureaucracy” = euphemism for “nomenklatura”I’ve never had a chance to elect the Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso or euro group chief Jean-Claude Juncker, or not to vote. And these gentlemen, one of which must even put up publicly the title of “liar”, should be wangled more power? By whom? With what justification?I would in any State (contemptuous bunch) live, governed in me an aloof, not democratically legitimized, consumer-hostile nomenklatura, while the next is a “European Parliament” tolerated, but not its significance goes beyond that of a promotional note.


29 FRANZ MUNTE (FRANZ MUNTE) – 06/10/2012 16:42 clockThe population is NOT just asked of the political criminals who organized the coupsupport network in order to keep himself in power and the “feeding troughs”, together with tens of thousands of EU officials.


33 FRANZ MUNTE (FRANZ MUNTE) – 06/10/2012 16:30 clockHopefully it will break now, the euro! It can only get better then the mediumThe plundering of the Germans by Merkel and Schäuble, the EU juggernaut is then reduced.


7 MARTIN VULTURE (MARTING. ..) – 06/10/2012 16:26 clockNo orderly unwinding of euro possible.Finally, an orderly unwinding of the euro is not possible, I think there are not even an orderly bankruptcy. In Italy, there’s a very beautiful saying: you can not get off after the wedding night as a princess of the marriage bed. The criss-cross-invested cash balances and has managed over a defacto too connected to fail. Some one here would dream of one of the euro almost unscathed or with only a black eye out again, which is not the case. The political, economic and financial consequences would be enormous. Particularly affected were the jobs in all countries. The political consequences but I would like to make any speculations, but only so much, that would lead to tensions within NATO. The euro was created for political reasons, the password is too happy.Recommended answers (7)

(6) to this reader review ShowLatest reply: 06/10/2012 20:36 clock Follow53 ULLA NACHTMANN (FATUMATH) – 06/10/2012 16:02 clockHopefully, for an accelerant, it is …what Merkel / Sch. have set!Ireland wants to renegotiate the purpose of betterment.W-result for Syriza is promoted, but just got GR demonstrated that there is money without tough conditions!Monti looks intently at … GS is pleased to announce they have no control over very soon, “Europe”?Capital flight from Spain to accelerate. As in GR, investors are trying their holdings in UK law bonds replaced. That gets back to 100% then the haircut – comes as the Amen in the church – we have seen recently!The spreads for sp. Sovs will explode soon, since debts continue to rise – as in GR.WHO believes that euro 100 billion in the FROB (undercapitalized) go?What is going to corrupt provincial / politicians under the table?The shit storm coming implosion of the euro IMO is just around the corner.You can see it in the frantic attempts to get rid of all responsibility to the dictatorial ESM.Our inaction – no demos against our plunder – leads to the Dictatorship!


5 WALTER RIECK (OWRIECK) – 06/10/2012 15:51 clockMerh power for Brussels – or away from the EURO.On this subject in recent years and months have been so much said and written, and not always the best, so here I am withdrawing the effort to go further into the detail. Only one thing should be a safe bet: This grant technocrats and amateurish incompetents in Brussels more power would be like carrying coals to Newcastle. That would be for Europe certainly the worst possible solution. Only the question “way out of the EURO?”, Is probably no definitive answer to YES or NO. Both have advantages and disadvantages. And it’s not always factually correct decisions that must be the right ones. Much is also a question of tactics, with the special position of Germany is taken into account. And I will close this post with the realization: Quod licet IOVI, non licet bovi. Sorry!Recommended answers (5) Flag as Inappropriate Follow5 ROBERT Aschauer (PAGSURE) – 10/06/2012 15:26 clockIt should be the Währungsistzustandcompared to a scenario which describes the conditions for the euro’s failure in detail. Or what else would happen necessarily, so it comes to failure.Recommended answers (5) Flag as Inappropriate Follow53 KAI SCREW (WRENCH) – 10/06/2012 15:25 clockTreasonSo Germany will now be abandoned train to train, to take responsibility for the wayward fiscal policies on anonymous and democratically legitimized institutions in Brussels hardly transferred to?This borders on treason but already.

(2) View this reader reviewLatest reply: 06/10/2012 17:36 clock Follow64 THOMAS ULHERR (TJULHERR) – 10/06/2012 14:58 clockMaster thinker from GermanyMAJOR development plans have once again for Europe. I am firmly convinced that the people in one or another European country to these ideas of order – the abolition of their nation – will NOT connect. A European central government is currently, if any, will only bring about by force and trickery. I reject in any case! The euro uro is de facto already failed to bring those responsible to admit this failure are still many billions of debt piled up. D currently pays little for the government bonds, which is the rollover at maturity of the bonds in a few years look very different! The game is known, it has been with GR, E, IRL, … gesielt.The euro uro must be handled classified, Europe should maintain its diversity, commissioners and Beglückungsbeauftragte Nobody needs. From further integration, it needs more compelling direct democracy at all levels.

It’s such a shame the Germans and the British speak dialects that are so similar, because I think that otherwise there’d be real potential for understanding.

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