Bicing vs Decathlon vs Boris’ Bikes

You might think Barcelona wants to get rid of the scheme.

Bicing: per annum 100€ plus whatever fines their lucratively shite IT system throws at you, need to change bikes every half hour, use limited to parts of Barcelona, 05:00-02:00, terrible availability.

Decathlon: 155€ folding bike, extras = puncture repair, take it where you want (including outside Barcelona), when you want, probably good for five years.

Bicing, which resolutely abstains from carrying advertising, will thus have a subscription almost twice the price of the London Barclays’ scheme.

What a bunch of retards.

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  1. Barclays are paying GBP 5 million pa for advertising, which if you were to achieve an equivalent number for Barcelona, which I think has about the same number of signed-up users as London, would enable an across-the-board reduction in subscription of 50€. The buses and the metro carry advertising, Clear Channel is an ambient ad firm, so where’s the problem?

  2. So it’s going to be €45 for 2013, and I’m using it 25-30 hours/month, so that’s a decent deal. I’m assuming maintenance is going to get even worse, the IT system will continue to be a monstrous pile of shite (if you use it for under 4 minutes it tells you you have exceeded 30 but doesn’t appear to fine you) but fines will be applied leniently to avoid a class action for fraud, any communist objections to advertising on vehicles provided by a major George W Bush sponsor will be withdrawn, and ERC will snuggle down with CiU.

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