Renfe, where less km are more €

For those wishing to take a French vacation from the nutters tomorrow, some useful advice.

The ethnic cleansers (away with the lazy, decadent race that has lived off us for 500 years!) and living spacers (let’s declare war on France, Italy, and whatever remains of Spain!) already had their imitation of Franco’s Valle de los Caídos on Montjuïc, and tomorrow is another big day with the unveiling of the renovated Mercado del Borne as the Catalanist copy of the Spanish nationalists’ Numancia myth (heroic autochthons fighting to the death against well-armed invaders). Glamboy69 (“Reflexions d’un arqueòleg glamurós”) has a fine introduction (in Catalan) to how your 85 or 100 million were spent on something that seems rather unlikely to be of any interest to foreign tourists, for while Barcelona tomorrow will throng with a fine collection of thieves, halfwits and loonies from up-country, the task for the rest of us is to get away from the whole hideous mess. And it’s not as expensive as you think: but curiously Renfe tells us that for Barcelona-Portbou on the 08:46 Regional the price is 12.60, while taking the same train with destination Cerbère, over the border is only 7.55.

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