Being [sic] Llewyn Davies [sic]

In fairness, 12 Years a Slave is said to be the best homoerotic SM flick since Cruising. But I and my fellow Celts are still atoning for our rejection of the Anglo-Saxons in the 8th century, and my offer to sit out 6 years in order to reduce the film to a manageable 67 minutes…

When did choral singing become a sect-like enterprise?

I used to conduct quite a lot, and I date the invasion of the happy smiling Prozac people to around 1995. This kind of franchising makes McDonalds look like a breed farm for anarcho-individualism. Or maybe 1995 was just when I became a sad facking sociopath. (Via another Destroyer of Delights and Sunderer of Society.)


Y si la culpa enagena de Dios a el ombre, no a vos que os tiene de gracia llena
Mine, since you ask: Twerton from Lansdown.

Cod is love

Almost, but not quite, and then there’s all the cannibalism.

Tomb in Lansdown Cemetery, Bath.