What do you call a lesbian travel guide?

Tribadvisor. { Robert Chester?: Go, crampe dull Mars, light Venus, when he snorts / Or with thy Tribade Trine, invent new sports. } < { the French (note the Revolutionary morality) }, but the pun doesn’t seem to have surfaced in French, presumably because (a) aviser is a false friend – try conseiller, (b) the entire population of French lesbians has fled the Hollande-ish patriarchy and opened some excellent little bars in Barcelona, and/or (c) French humour is almost as unimaginative as Spanish. There is an Italian tribadvisor out there, but it’s the start of a user-friendly account of Milan’s tribunals (author missing: Italian justice is not your friend?). The law and lesbians weren’t like that under Berlusconi.

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Last updated 28/04/2014

Kaleboel (4307):

Robert Chester (poet) (1): Robert Chester is the mysterious author of the poem Love's Martyr which was published in 1601 as the main poem in a collection which also included much shorter poems by William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, George Chapman and John Marston, along with the anonymous "Vatum Chorus" and "Ignoto". Despite attempts to identify Chester no information has ever emerged to indicate with any certainty who he was.


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