Anti-colonial cannibal propaganda

I want to sing the Mau Mau verse in Allan Sherman’s Hungarian Goulash No. 5.

"Die, stereotype!" Image: Paul W Locke.

Here the great man describes the composition of the only true example of world cuisine:

Of all the ethnic stereotypes I think the two most likely to cause offence, though not to the people in question, are

blubber, the favorite of the frigid Eskimo

and with a far higher degree of probability

See the Mau Maus underneath the jungle sky.
Jolly Mau Maus, eating missionary pie.

Mau Mau certainly did practise ritual cannibalism on a quite considerable scale – King’s African Rifles war-hero Idi Amin blamed them for introducing him to the practice (although not for his subsequent adoption of man-size refrigerators), and Kikuyu Christians were one of their principal targets.

But to calm politically sensitive souls it would be good to find justifications of that strategy, for example in the work of late 20th century local novelists or in academic anti-colonialist rants. I know these things exist, but I forget where, now that zombies from LaCaixa customer service have eaten my brain.

In the interests of balance and mayhem, I would also be interested in songs about European social cannibalism – there must be a ballad about the French progressives who ate the Princess de Lamballe’s heart.

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