French lessons: Grannie on her bike rides across the pool

Boby Lapointe, an obsessive, deranged comic genius who seems to have drunk himself to death aged 50, points to one of the delicious traps lying in wait for elephants who proceed beyond their French-English phrasebooks – the fact that of the supposed infinity of possible sentences in natural language, most are nonsense: What time is…

The concept of historical periodisation

… when writ large is misleading and restrictive, so away with it: “Un túnel medieval construido durante el renacimiento, abandonado por siglos, y recientemente restaurado, vincula el lado italiano con el lado francés de los Alpes.“

Virtual pilot

Some initial posts on Twitter had stated that the name of the pilot involved in the Germanwings crash was Anning Wong, who hailed from Malaysia. But, soon it was learnt that the information was false as it was taken from a gaming simulator.

Moreno’s master’s: polysemy, polydon’t

Jesús Fernández-Villaverde y Luis Garicano at Hay Derecho had a look last year at the CV of Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, Rajoy’s excellent choice of candidate for the Andalusian elections, and were puzzled by what they found: Empecemos por el MBA. Si su título de grado es de 2010-2011, su Master en Dirección y Administración…

WTF does “namelake” come from?

Ciudadanos had it tonight for pudding at their Andalusian campaign dinner, and here‘s the only recipe that Gugel finds: NAMELAKE DE REGALIZ 300 gr. Leche 15 gr. Glucosa 3 1/2 gr. Hojas de gelatina 560 gr. Chocolate Cacao Barry México 600 gr. Nata 70 gr. Pasta pura de regaliz ELABORACIÓN: Hervir la leche con la…

El Risitas, the new Hitler

Armando Ferreira’s “translation” has an Apple engineer discussing the new MacBook: I hadn’t heard about Juan Joya Borja and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Osona: the power of pigshit

Anon enjoys juxtaposing the gibberish from the tourist body for the Catalan district containing Vic, Manlleu and Torelló: Discover thepower ofcatalan land, close to Barcelona … with news from Grup de Defensa del Ter that the average level of nitrates in tested springs in the area -vital for walkers- has increased over the past year…

Missing R

I do this quite a lot, and some people don’t believe me when I say that I’m one of many: I think I prefer the granny on the whole.