The sex-life of the Spanish

Curious pleasures in a post-procreation society.

Exhibit A:

– Here’s your birthday present, me dear, says a mother.
Daughter unwraps, and discovers a monstrous dildo.
– But mum, what’s this?! I’m only 13!
– Pero cariño, me dijiste que querías un palo pa’ ser felis!
– Mamá, un palo pa’ haser selfis!

Exhibit B:

Paseo de San Juan, Barcelona, a young woman sitting on a bench with her bull terrier standing on the ground next to her. She has her hand under its belly and is shaking away, and one assumes that the dog is elderly, and that she is helping it with a urinary follow-up jiggle. But no, and she’s still at it when one moves on, three minutes later. Heart-warming symbiosis: perhaps the best option for lonely young men is to buy a dog costume off Amazon.

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