Non-existent advantages of bilingualism

Take executive function.

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  1. Your title doesn't quite correlate with the findings, so much as with what I believe are your political motives. The most obvious advantage of bi- or tri- lingualism is the ability to read, write and converse in two or three languages. Surely even Paap wouldn't attempt to deny that.

    But anyway, it's an interesting debate. The main takeaway for me is that this is a very imprecise science and the only thing any of them agree on is that the tests are mostly pointless shit (which sort of makes it sound like Paap is wasting his own time as much as anyone else's).

  2. No one's denying that there are advantages, but I always thought that the notion that bilingualism made our brains fundamentally better sounded as if it were driven by ideological wishful thinking, and for once it sounds as if I was right.

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