Top 10 Russian football songs: No. 9: Okolofutbola (“Round Football”, ahem) by Feduk (2013)

The hiphop theme of a cinematic tribute to Spartak ultras: “Stand in line with your brother and don’t take one step back / Russian brigades, like a bumper, ram our opponent.” Extras: Russian football hooliganism’s English roots; Anglicisms in a Russian hooligan lexicon; and use of “hooligan” in Russian before English, in an 1892 decree issued by a Petersburg mayor of Scottish descent.

Futbol, 1846 god, Kingston-na-Temze, Angliya (gravyura).

The secret life of organ-grinders

Speculation in French revolutionary fiduciary currency, the murder of the great British ballad-singer, & a revised date (1802) for the start of the supposedly post-Napoleonic emigration of Italian puppeteers & organ-grinders

Napoleon, apparently in 1797, warbling lines <a href=''>apparently</a> written by Kotzebue in 1802:

Begad! a dago version of Flashman voices it as if it were BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Drama! With 100 Spanish synonyms for “prostitute” and much other useful information.

Flashman, the first instalment in George MacDonald Fraser’s glorious reinvention of Harry Paget Flashman, the baddy in Tom Brown’s Schooldays, was first published in 1969. Ten out of the first 34 US reviewers, including minor academics, swallowed GMF’s “editorial” pitch and dealt with it as if it were a genuine memoir; without the series it…

Cervantes, prototype for el Cobrador del Frac?

Peter Harvey is suffering from that perennial Spanish problem–translation agencies that don’t pay the modest rates they promise. This blog enjoys dressing up but has no plans to become for the translation sector what el Cobrador del Frac is for the world at large: a debt collection agency which compensates for a deeply flawed legal…