The mysterious terracotta “Baronet” relief on Ye Racehorse Inne, 212 Elm Grove, Brighton

I suggest that it is the iconisation of the Stubbs portrait of George (later the) IV’s most successful horse, ridden in a distinctive flying gallop by his favourite jockey, Old Sam Chifney; and that the depiction of boots and reins without a rider symbolises George’s disgust at the termination of Chifney’s career by the Jockey Club following a race-rigging scandal.

Why they didn’t find Lorca

Bishop Gibson of Granada understands beatific bureaucracy but not tradition. Featuring a bad Vietnamese flamenco clip.

Horny ancient Rome, or taking the virtue out of virtual

The Google Earth version of ancient Rome is a bit like a collection of faked-up trainspotters’ notebooks. Until they find some way of populating it with exfoliant opera, our best bet as responsible amateur social historians is the porn industry: European production company Daring Media Group will release its first movie, Roma, in October at…