In praise of oranges

A First World War letter from a Palestinian orange grove, an orange (lower case) song, and this winter’s favourite orange cake recipe.

Truman Ward Ingersoll, diorama of an orange tree in Los Angeles

Barrel organ braking

El fanclub del Nokia 100 soy yo, y su radiación es buena para ti.I am the Nokia 100 fanclub, and its radiation is good for you.[:nl]De fanclub van de Nokia 100 ben ik.El fanclub del Nokia 100 sóc jo, i la seva radiació és bona per a tu.

Note that the wheel exposed to radiation has better color

El gremio

Todas esas perenganadas de aficionados no hacen más que dañar a la industria. Hay que acabar con ellos. Si quieren hacer comedias, que ingresen como meritorios.

Podría ser el Mussolini de Jardiel, tras la muerte de su húngaro, pero es aquel pobre valenciano.

Your street organ repertoire proposals

Collected via the form. I’ve done basic arrangements of around 50 for the configuration that will be available to me and I’ll brush them up when I get hold of the instrument and can try things out. I’ll probably also post a few samples here in the interim. I’m not on Facebook any longer (yep,…

Test version of Valencian sloth song

The text is blogged here. This uses the virtual organ I’ve rigged up and the procedure is still as here. I’ve got Audacity 1.3.1 now and tried out the ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb Light effect to try and disguise my 5€ Skype headphone mike. I’m still struggling with the fact that I can’t use all…