Brits pronouncing Barça

It’s Barker vs Barser, but you can’t blame the proto-Lebanese.

Unfortunately when they pronounce it full out there’s no corresponding Barkerloner, so this isn’t a throwback to Iberian Phoenician, or something. It’s a shame there’s no Barther in there, because in English that would progress naturally to Barfer, a happy coincidence of name and function for many northern tourists.
Clarification of the above and this numismatic controversy:

  • Latin Barceno -> Spanish Barcelona-with-the-lithp because word-/second element of an internal group-initial Latin /k/ -> Spanish /k/ before non-front vowels eg porcu -> puerco, but -> Spanish /θ/ before front vowels, eg dulce -> dulce.
  • I know substantially less than bugger all about Catalan historical phonetics, but according to DCVB (you still can’t link to articles!!!) Bernat Fenollar, Regles d’esquivar vocables o mots grossers o pagesivols is holding fast to his reconstructed Latin heritage somewhere around 1500–“Evitar de dir… Barsalona per Barcelona”, don’t say Barserloner instead of Barkerloner–so the hiss must have been pretty popular by then. Scholars in the pay of southern rice peasants say that Fenollar is a pan-Catalanist, imperialist fabrication designed to inhibit the right of the ancient nation of Valencia to export vegetables that taste of poo under its own ethnic brand, so I’m dying to hear their opinion on this particular issue.


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  1. I love the Fenollar stuff. The objections to Fenollar’s authenticity are Bilbenyesque in their shitness.

    I’m glad I get a chance to laugh at some Blaverism every now and again. If I didn’t find that ridiculous too, I might begin to think that the Catalan Twatocracy were sane and I was mad.

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