Looking for Chelsea boss Abramovich's new super-yacht?

It’s being refitted in Barcelona harbour.

A couple of weeks ago, new Chelsea owner (£150M) Roman Abramovich (£3.5B?) bought himself his third yacht, the 115m Pelorus (£72M; photos 1/2/3). Previously owned by Saudi billionaire Al Sheik Modhassan and with a crew of 40 and an onboard submarine (which the security guards didn’t want photographed), it is now undergoing a comprehensive refit in Barcelona harbour by a multinational team including engineers from the Dutch firm, Heinen & Hopman. Not to be outdone, new Barcelona FC president Joan Laporta is having his own mega-vessel worked on nearby.
Abramovich yacht Barcelona

Facts & figures: This Is London, The Moscow Times and old men along the quay.

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  1. Does anybody have details about the Pelorus. What it is like inside? Does anybody know anybody who works on it? I am writing a book about Roman Abramovich.

  2. Greetings,
    I too would appreciate viewing the Pelorus via more photos. Would somebody give me a shout if some PHOTOS become available.

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