Lord of the G-Strings versus Pak Drac

Fleshbot quotes from the blurb of a moving picture that is unlikely to be showing at a cinema near you:

In the mythical realm of Diddle Earth, diminutive yet delectable Throbbit Dildo Saggins is sent by Smirnoff the Wizard to destroy the legendary G-String – most powerful weapon in the land.
We know, we do, and we are telling you, that this is nowt more than arriviste trash. Think Three Kings, think East, think Pakistani Dracula:

Pakistani Dracula

Khwaja Sarfaraz’s Zinda Laash (The Living Corpse) was made and banned in Pakistan in the 60s and is now available on DVD with the original Urdu subtitled into English. You only seem to be able to buy it in the US at the moment – try here or here – but check Pagan Films for release details (and more silliness) and Mondo Macabro for more pictures but NOT MUCH PLOT INFO! YOU’RE NOT TELLING ME THERE’S NOT A PLOT, DAMMIT?!!

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  1. I saw that at Sitges. I think it had a plot and, although much is left to the imagination, I seem to remember some fairly impressive vital stats. In Germany they sell mugs decorated with ladies whose (scanty) clothing becomes transparent when you pour in the coffee. I don’t know how it would work, but couldn’t digital tech be applied to stuff like Living Corpse to make it more suited to European audiences?

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