Sugarcandy excluded from judicial combat

De batalla, a legal document published somewhere around here between 1251 and 1255, prescribes the conditions by which litigants must agree to abide before they start amputating:

I, such-and-such, swear that that with which I have challenged so-and-so is true, and that I will defend it [?: menar], and on the field I will neither introduce… arms that aid virtue [ie miraculous weapons], nor relics bearing the names of saints [nòmina], nor precious stones, nor breves [documents with ecclesiastical blessing], nor will I bear sugar candy [sucre candi]. (Quoted in Martí de Riquer, Llegendes històriques catalanes.)

I know that the consumption of Mars and Tiger bars makes some people feel more confident, and Tate and Lyle’s putrid Palestinian pussy used to provide syrup for my porridge in the mornings, but this is ridiculous.

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  1. I shall smite you with my curly wurly
    Under a Catalonian law, written sometime between 1251 and 1255, it is forbidden to use sugarcandy in judicial combat, according to Trevor, who has no hair, and leads people astray. I know that the consumption of Mars and Tiger bars…

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