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Night of the Tarantula is back after a break caused by eclipses and general knackeredness. No vampires, please.

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  • Of taverns and tarantulas

    Grande consuelo es tener/La taberna por vecina,/But trying to find a spider there:/It’s a facking misdemeanour (guv).

  • ‘k Ben niet bang

    Dezelfde lui die zaten te zeiken over mijn muzikale smaak zijn weer bezig. Nu zou het onverantwoord zijn om ‘s nachts door tarantulagebied te wandelen met 15 Zweedse studentes. Wat een onzin.

    1. In zijn 1976 proefschrift, Dodendans: arachnia, Eurodisco en bierdrinken, werd door F Vollenbroek overtuigend getoond dat 93,4% van volwassen tarantula’s behoorlijk tot zeer zenuwachtig worden

  • War For Denizens of the African Savanna

    If the back leg of a giraffe can get away with charging €600 for moonlighting as a tarantula, then it does make you wonder whether the War For Oil slur (apologies, anyone?) was nothing more than a genuine case of mistaken identity.

  • Stiletto tourism

    Staggering up the hill at Parky Gay, as Park Güell is now called by some:
    stiletto tourism
    A Swedish girl once turned up for Night of the Tarantula in some fairly ambitious heels and not much else and was turned away. If things had gone wrong the headlines could have been quite lurid.


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