The way of all busts

Featuring Josep-Lluís Carod-Rovira, Uncle Joe Stalin and the Singh brothers from Mohali.

The photo below is of one of 25 busts of Carod-Rovira that were made for the elections last year. Carod is, according to your point of view, either the biggest clown in contemporary politics or a mastermind engaged in a cunning plot to destroy the Catalan socialist party, thereby firing up and radicalising conflicts with Madrid. John Chappell is tracking the story and, being a bitter, twisted soul completely antipathetic to Progress and the Inalienable Right Of The Largest Nation Without A State (Apart From The Estuary English Zone) To Self Determination, he seems to be rather enjoying it.


Before anyone starts shouting at me: yes, I do know what cap-grossos or nans are – huge papier maché heads worn by people who enjoy gambolling around and annoying giants during processions (more info (in Catalan) here and here). However, as far as I know it’s unusual to use politicians heads. In fact, an old lady I know almost passed out when she saw this one, thinking that Stalin – last seen on this scale in Barcelona in ’39 – had come back to get her. I told her not to worry, and that it will soon get carted off to recycling and … well, take Prithpal Singh, for example.

Prithpal is, according to the Calcutta Telegraph, a partner in KPR Industries, which smelts scrap metal to make bathroom fittings. One day in 2001 he received a truckload of waste from Dubai, including brass hookahs, tumblers and a large bust. At first he and his brother Rajpal, media secretary of the state congress, didn’t recognise Joseph Stalin, but for some reason the Great Leader escaped being turned into 200 shiny new taps. They seem to intend to retain it as a kind of factory deity, possible bids from the Mumbai Communist Party notwithstanding. “Perhaps, it was destined not to be melted,” said Rajpal.

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  1. You seem to be really desinformated about what is ERC and who is Carod-Rovira. Luckly, catalans are intelligent and have given him more votes than to the Popular Party, which has tryed to criminalizate ERC and Carod Rovira.

    I would like to know which is his crime? Be catalan, be leftist, or be against the Popular Party like anyone.

    People is more intelligent than politicians, and all the manipulation about Carod, has only provoqued a defensive reaction in Catalonia. Why he can´t talk whit ETA and spanish politicians yes??? Aren´t them clowns too?

    Please, you should be informed better before talking about things you don´t know.

  2. Since the ERC vote has grown dramatically over the last few years, surpassing the PP vote, are we to assume that the population of Catalonia has suddenly become dramatically more intelligent? Have the geneticists been informed?

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