doors within doors

The US Navy’s Damage Control and Fire Protection regulations specify (PDF) that:

Trunks and routes for shipping large items also require doors larger than normal size to be provided in certain situations. Wherever an oversize door is located in a watertight boundary bulkhead, the door must be water-tight. As in the case with hatches, the panel of the door is fitted with a standard personnel door if frequent access through the door is required. Inspection and maintenance for these specialized doors are the same as for normal watertight doors.

Like dreams within dreams, chapels within churches, and little parasites riding on the backs of big ones, doors within doors (usually asymmetric) form an important part of the experience of most humans. Barcelona’s old town is full of wooden ones, but here’s one of my favourite brick ‘n’ mortar over-arches, out in spa town La Garriga:


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