Another crap restaurant

Camper’s core business is shoes, which explains why they are opening a restaurant in Barcelona. Oops, sorry,

Foodball is neither a bar nor a restaurant…[it is] a way of looking at eating culture… Camper is not targeting any particular age range, which is perhaps in recognition of the demographic diversity of natural and ethical consumers. However, it is clear that the restaurant is seeking to focus on maximizing sensual appeal. Marti Guixe has designed the interior “for the nourishment of all five senses”.

We descended to a col this afternoon to take a look at a very lonely country chapel. Walking round the apse to inspect the south door, we bumped into a moped. Strange, we thought. And then, two steps further, we briefly saw the moped’s owner – presumably the church’s caretaker – masturbating in the porch: briefly, because he tumbled back into the building and the door slammed shut behind him. Deeply reprehensible behaviour, but if you are determined to wank in public, then please follow his example: go do it in a forest, and don’t waste good city centre retail space.

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  1. Been open a few weeks. It is indeed a load of balls. Also: they’re opening a hotel too. If it’s anything like their shoes, the beds will be stylish, old-style, really lumpy and way too small.

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