La Caixa courting China’s torturers and thieves

Jia Qinglin is probably only alive and flourishing today because his best friend is called Jiang Zemin. In the mid-90s his wife was implicated in a massive corruption scandal in Fujian province, but neither she nor he suffered the normal consequence of such behaviour: execution. Instead Mr Jia was promoted to become party boss in Beijing, where–apart from executing corruption convicts–he is widely viewed as having been responsible for the upsurge in persecution and torture of Falun Gong activists in the late 90s. This policy was important to Mr Jiang, who rewarded him with a place on the politburo’s standing committee.

Anyway, today Mr Jia was in Barcelona for a pow-wow with Barcelona’s favourite fascist and corruption expert, Juan Antonio Samaranch, and regional bank, La Caixa. La Caixa is one of the major backers of Barcelona’s festival of peace, love and real estate speculation, Forum 2004, and, as the Forum site tells us:

subscribes to the Statement of Principles and Values of Forum Barcelona 2004, the ethical declaration of the event’s intentions, and shares the three core themes upon which the Forum is based: cultural diversity, sustainable development and conditions for peace.

Well that’s OK then!

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