Hell and The Guardian

With a high proportion of Guardianistas seemingly convinced by the thesis of that notorious pre-Ockhamite, Mr Moore, that things are better seen “as if in the continuous story of a divinity who spent his time reading and devising the Weekly Puzzle Magazine” (Eco, Travels), it is interesting to note that The Guardian might (almost, kind of) be prepared to contemplate the distinctly creaky position that hell is, at the very least, a state:

Yesterday, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, weighed into the debate, warning that Blair would be judged before God for his actions over Iraq and suggesting he would struggle with his conscience. Asked how Blair would account for himself, Williams answered: ‘At the judgment seat.’ For Christians, that is the point of entry either to heaven or to hell.

If Blair’s hell has a physical presence, then it might be helpful if The Guardian were to inform us of its location. Tartarus is conceivable but probably too far east, so I think that they may actually be preparing us for an announcement that will see Mr Blair trading places with his chancellor, with the economy immediately taking a turn for the worse. From the OED:

1661 Fuller Worthies ii. (1662) 236 There is no redemption from Hell. There is a place partly under, partly by the Exchequer chamber, commonly called Hell.

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