Domains for non-existent countries

Eric Dams notes the problems Flemish ultras are facing in getting their own “country” domain. The report in De Tijd is incorrect: .cat was granted to a similarly nasty coalition of Catalan separatists not because of Catalonia’s regional status but on the basis that it be used for cultural entities and purposes, a condition which has been blithely ignored. Vla is the Dutch name for a sickly milk-based dessert, and .vla seems to me entirely appropriate for the phlegms. One awaits with interest introduction of the three-letter domain for Spanish-speaking gypsies: .git.

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  1. While another one awaits with even more interest introduction of the three letter domain for imperialist squatters living in Catalonia: .sob Please, do not misinterprete it, it simply refers to a sickly whining attitude. Geschenk of cadeauje?

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